Underfloor Heating FAQ

Can I use the underfloor heating system as the sole heat source?

Yes, underfloor heating systems can heat your entire house as long as your home has the right amount of watts per m2.

What type of flooring can I use over the underfloor heating system?

All types of flooring from carpet, tile, earth coat or coloured screed. Laminated and solid wood flooring as well but heating systems will be restricted to 27 degrees to cater for the laminated and wooden flooring.

Where can I buy the underfloor heating system?

Directly through Heatwaves.

How long does the floor take to heat up?

Under tile heating takes about and hour whereas under carpet heating around five minutes.

What if my underfloor heating load exceeds the 16 amps that one thermostat can handle?

If the load exceeds 16 amps we will install a relay controlled by the thremostat to take any extra load.

I have already installed my flooring, can I still use an underfloor heating system to heat my floor?

Yes, but only if you place an under carpet heating pad under a loose mat/rug on top of tiles or wood flooring.

How soon after installation can I switch the underfloor heating system on?

If the heating element is under tiles, it is recommended waiting two weeks in order for the tile adhesive to dry evenly.

Can I install a underfloor heating system in a wet room or shower?

It’s regulation that if you’re installing an underfloor heating system in a shower, bathroom or wet room the element must be braided with a earth shield and on earth leakage to eliminate electric shock. the thermostat must be fitted 2.3 meters away from either the lip of a shower or bath. Ideally the thermostat should preferably be fitted outside bathroom.

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