Marmox Insulation Boards

Marmox Insulation Boards for Underfloor Heating

Marmox Insulation Boards make a huge difference in reducing the running costs and response times when used in conjunction with Warmup underfloor heating by acting as a very efficient thermal barrier. It reflects the heat upwards into the floor tile instead of allowing heat to warm up the concrete slab below. By using Marmox Insulation Boards it is possible to achieve warm floor tiles in just 10 – 15 minutes. With out insulation boards, it could take anything from 2 – 3 hours, or more.

marmox insulation boards - underfloor heating

These boards significantly reduce the heat up time by 60 – 70 % and over all running costs by 50% with further customized savings by using programmable thermostats. In fact, they can pay for them selves in as little as 2,5 years. Marmox Insulation Boards give you a more cost effective and faster-reacting system reducing your carbon footprint.

Underfloor Heating

In addition to that, the Marmox Board strength and thermal insulation properties make them the ideal product to use under the heating elements. That is why most leading underfloor heating manufacturers recommend using Marmox Boards. Marmox have many accreditations and certifications by Energy saving organizations such as UK Energy Saving trust.

  • Long lasting – Life time Guarantee
  • High Compressive strength ( withstand 30 t/m2)
  • Waterproof, will not absorb moisture
  • Will not rot or break down
  • Shows excellent acoustic properties, reduces sound by 20 decibels
  • marmox insulation boards - heat lossmarmox insulation boards - heat reflected

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